First Day Over 60 Degrees Activities

The first day over 60 degrees is a day to be celebrated. Tomorrow I had planned to have us hike but I changed my mind. We will not be meeting at Seneca Park. I want you to have the time to decide what you want to do. It has been a long winter and we will have plenty of time to walk and work together in the coming weeks.

If you were planning on the hours / still want to get some hours do one of the following:

  1. Convince someone else to go out for a walk with you. Share who you went with and where you went.
  2. Clean up the trash and things on your block or in a park (your front yard can count, your backyard doesn’t). Send me a text with the amount of clean up you did.
  3. Take at least 5 pictures – signs of spring for the #RocAroundTheBlock challenge. Send them to me or post them to our instagram.
  4. Write outside – it doesn’t matter what you write. Drawings, poems, lists, an essay, doodles. Send me what you write. I will ask permission before I share with anyone.