February #RocAroundTheBlock Challenge

 Our January #RocAroundTheBlock challenge is over and we are happy to announce that we donated $25.00 to @wwf to support their work in Arctic ecosystems.

This month we hope to get even more people out. Participating is easy. 

How it works: 
1. Go outside.
2. Try to find these things:
– An Icicle (don’t stand under it!)
– An Evergreen Tree (small or tall)
– Piece of Trash (pick it up!)
– A Groundhog (too early?) 
– A Cardinal (hear or see)
3. Share a picture with us. You can tag us, add the hashtag #RocAroundTheBlock or email
4. We donate money to conservation. For every person who participates we will donate $5.00 to a conservation organization we choose.

We look forward to seeing you outside.