Road Salt Ecotoxicology Pt 2

In our last Salty Science seminar we discussed the results of everyone’s experiments. The general conclusion was that salt impacts the germination of seeds and by extension salt has an impact on ecosystems.

We came up with a good list of additional questions around this topic and had a good discussion about them.

  1. Does seed type matter?
  2. How much salt can you put in water before you taste it?
  3. Why do the salt trials not absorb all of the water
  4. What affect is the application of salt having on the environment?
  5. How much salt do you have to alter the amount of salt in the environment to see an impact on a particular aspect of the ecosystem?  
  6. Does the temperature matter?
  7. Have plants developed a resistance / tolerance to water being pulled from cells by salt?

The next step of this research project is to extend your research by doing one of the following things:

  • Research others have done
  • Your own experiments
    • Repeat same experiment but improve set up
    • Same experiment but alter variables
    • Different experiment