#RocAroundTheBlock January Challenge

Jaunary is a great time to get outside for a walk and we want to give you a little motivation to get up and out (in a COVID-19 safe way) with the #RocAroundtheBlock challenge.

It’s simple. 
1. Go for a walk anywhere in the city.
2. Look for the items on our scavenger hunt.
3. Take some pictures of all or one of the items on our scavenger hunt.
4. Share what you find with us by tagging us (@RocUrbanEcologists) or using the hashtag (#RocAroundTheBlock).

For each person, group, or family that shares with us we will make a donation to a conservation organization.

Scavenger Hunt Items
– A squirrel
– A tree without leaves
– Water (puddle, river, lake, pond)
– An evergreen tree
– A bird