Ecology Movie Review

There are tons of great movies that explore nature, the relationship organisms have with their environment, and our relationship to each other and our environment. Holiday breaks are a great opportunity to watch one of these movies and reflect on its significance to you and our culture as a whole. You can help build a collection of movie reviews that encourage people to broaden their horizons and consider watching (or not watching) ecology oriented movies and documentaries


  1. Choose something to watch. It can either be a fiction or nonfiction movie.
    1. The PBS shows Nature and Nova have their documentaries available for free.
    2. You can find titles of different environmental movies on these websites. Many of them are free.
    3. There are great movies on netflix, amazon prime, hulu, Disney+ and youtube.
  2. After you watch it create some sort of review. The review should give some details about the movie, what you thought about it, and why it was the significance of the movie is. I will leave it up to you what you create but here are some suggestions from easiest to hardest
    1. Make an instagram post with an image and a fifty word summary and opinion.
    2. Make a video review.
    3. Write a full review as if you were an actual critic.

Some resources for writing film reviews: